Print Your Kid's Drawing Personalised Heat Pack
Print Your Kid's Drawing Personalised Heat Pack
Print Your Kid's Drawing Personalised Heat Pack

Print Your Kid's Drawing Personalised Heat Pack

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 Print your kids drawing, & create a personalised heat pack that will be a favourite gift on Mother's Day, or for any special occasion. A beautiful gift for parents, & especially grandparents. A one off & completely original created by you very own picassos.

Tme to go through the kid's art folders from school, kinder or day care, or sit them down to create something for you on the spot. 

Lavender is optional, please advise yes or no.

Easy to create  – On an A4 sized sheet of paper, get the kids to draw or paint an amazing picture for you. Keep the paper as flat & smooth as possible so no creases are created. You will have to scan the image to me at
Be sure to use your customer name & order number in the email subject box.

Personalised – If you would like a message printed as shown below, please advise that in the field box provided.

The heat pack is made completely of 100% drill cotton. Filled with raw long grain rice, and organically dried lavender grown in Victoria. A beautiful, soothing & divine scent to smell, as well as staying warmer for much longer.

Lavender is optional, please advise yes or no in the field box.

Easy to use.
To warm – about 60 seconds in the microwave and it’s warm as toast. Perfect for aches, even lovely to pop into bed to take off the chill. Lavender is calming so will enhance a great nights sleep. 

Did you know you can also freeze your heat pack? Put in a small plastic bag & pop into the freezer. The plastic bag will keep it clean. It won’t freeze like a block of ice, instead, the grains of rice become super cold & very pliable.

Please keep dry. Heat packs can not be washed.
Will be packaged securely and sent with instructions.

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Customers living outside Australia unfortunately, I can not accept orders due to import regulations.

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