Caring for your products

Caring for your products is important. I want you to be sure that it's not just about the purchase. Making sure the product you received will last forever, & look amazing all the time is very important to me.

All of my products are printed on a light weight 100% cotton. The quality is durable & ready to be washed in your machine as much as it's needed. 

All personalised cushions have been designed & created so the cover can be removed & washed. Wash in the machine on a regular cold wash cycle, hang in the shade to line dry, & iron on reverse side. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.
Use the same washing process for tooth fairy bags, tea towels, library bags & tea towels.
Cushions in fun shapes can also be washed gently in cold water by hand. Be sure to not wring harshly, instead squeeze gently to remove excess water. Lay flat in the correct cushion shape to dry. The filling inside is not a single piece, so my thrashing this around may cause filling to shift, therefore leaving the shape not as originally purchased.
Prints are printed on high quality paper. Please try to keep prints away from direct sunlight to reduce any chance of fading over time.
Heat packs can not be washed at all due to the rice filling.
If you have any other questions about the care of your products, I am always here to answer your queries, please contact me here.