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I have been through a lot of the last year especially with my Dad's battle with cancer & his passing last December. It hasn't been easy but I have been travelling along OK. With such tragedy in your life it's a hard feeling to describe, but I feel like I have been almost altered slightly. Will I ever be the same person? Today I can not honestly answer that. My life won't be the same as there is one less person in it. I know for sure though, I care a lot less about crap, & I tend to switch off when I hear constant complaining about trivial things. Maybe it's because I still have a numbness, but I am pretty sure that it's because I have learnt life can be taken just like that.Untitled-10 But over these last few weeks of feeling tired, & walking around with the heaviest of hearts, I can feel like there is a glimmer of light & it's getting brighter daily. I know it will & I know it has too. Every day is a new day. I have had a great year so far, especially over the school break with the kids. I kept it simple, just hanging out with friends, & lots of swimming by the pool. Last week I was so happy & grateful that Charlotte has begun her journey of school with highest of spirits & excitement. Her transition has been easy, I mean after all she is desperate to keep up with her big brother. So I feel like a bit of a school hours 'empty nester' haha, both of the kids are at school, & I am finally here alone to do what I please. This first week has been strange. Knowing I have the hours to create, work, get organised, even watch TV if I want to, it's strange, yet exhilarating. Being alone will allow me to write more. I have always LOVED to write even as a kid. In high school essays came naturally, & in primary school descriptive stories were my joy. So here is my chance to finally write. Write what I want. Write about keeping myself inspired. Write about my creative journey. Write about how I am feeling. Just write. Stop with the inconsistency. In the past I have made excuses as to why I didn't write more, the kids were a big one, but I believe their lives are so important I forget whats really important to me. I know a normal mum thing to do. I absolutely adore this above quote I found, it's quite inspirational. If you're loving it also you can download it for yourself. Just click on the image or download here. So here is my glimmer of hope & added addition to my business. Lots & lots of creative writing. I have made a start by writing my new course, which I can't breath I am so excited about that. I am looking forward to my new glimmer of hope, being kinder to myself, & allowing myself to feel & create. Kylie xo

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