Why you should have plants in your creative space.

creative inspiration We all know the benefits of plants outside & around the house, but have you ever thought of the benefits of them in your creative works space? here are 5 to think about.
  1. Reduce stress. There have been known studies that having plants around you while working reduce tension, anxiety, pressure & hostility.
  2. Added productivity. The sight of plants in the workplace is known to increase the productivity of workers, or my case solo working from home mums. This can be attributed to the plants ability to reduce excess carbon dioxide in the air. Yay!!
  3. Increased creativity. I am absolutely all for this. It's been documented that having plants around us helps us to relax, feel calmer & happier, therefore have increased creative bursts.
  4. Cleaner air to breath. Having plants in your work space can increase the reduction in dust, bacteria and mould which we normally would breath. Yucky. With all of the what may seem like 'invisible' dust, we breath in, also the things we surround ourselves with made by plastics, paint, furniture, carpets, and certain cleaning products will be reduced significantly by plants.
  5. They look awesome. This is obvious, take a look at the amazing creative work spaces I found above. Plants can really finish a space, making it feel more organic & earthy. It's lovely to be thinking you can be working right next to nature from inside, with the addition of some gorgeous greenery around you. With the above reasons I think we need to fill our indoor lives with a whole lot more of them.
All of the images & direct links above can be found in my creative space to work pinterest folder. Happy gardening :)  

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