Why bother being creative?

creative inspirationWhy bother being creative? Good question. It's good to ask, many people ask this question & then can't be bothered understanding why it's so vital in our lives. Creative is something we all have in us. Without it life would be a bit like groundhog day, following the norm, being repetitive, & being plainly uninspired. Without a creative thought we would all aim for the same things in life or even things that we were are maybe expected to do. Go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, work hard for retirement. But we have creative sparks that are within us that help us carve our own unique journey. creative inspiration Creativity is the secret to giving us choice, influencing the decisions we make in our lives, offering the hope that we all need to wake up each day & pursue our goals. Creativity creates independence & encourages us to have self expression, letting our friends, family, co-workers & others know who we are, what we like & the type of person we are. Its the quirks, attractions, our personality & the fun things that we gravitate to, that make us truly unique. Creativity is everything. Our natural creative curiosity is the map to who we really are showing the world our style. Life is about having fun, what we create is about having fun, what we write about is about having fun, I think those who believe having fun in  your business is frivolous isn't having enough fun themselves. Whether I am drawing or writing I am always naturally looking for creativity in my life, whether I am consciously looking for it. Finding a great recipe for my kids dinner gives me inspiration for me to cook. Reading someones organisational tips, may be the creative push I need to organise my kitchen pantry. Every day creativity finds me in some ways to help inspire me to make daily choices. These choices that I make, show who I really am as a person. Making choices to be creative though, push me to move towards my goals in my own business & to now inspire other women in their businesses. It takes courage to step out with your own unique creativity. find your creative style

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