What's your interpretation of a stylish mum?

What's your interpretation of a stylish mum? I feel like I have been in the fashion doldrums of late. Working from home has it's advantages, it's comfy but boy it's made me lazy of late. When I worked full time in the fashion industry, every item of clothing I wore was carefully put together, from the clothes on my body, to my make up & hair. I was completely on top of fashion trends, & I lived in high heels, I am talking I could run in them. I still love fashion so I don't feel like I have lost any sense of style at all, I am always eager to see whats trending & what the cool kids are wearing. But I need to get back into the game, however I am probably 10kg heavier, & I am not in my twenties either. As I edge towards the end of my thirties, I guess you could say my style has changed. I look for comfort a lot more, & I guess my clothing style is definitely now more relaxed & not as figure hugging as I used to wear it. I have a board on pinterest completely dedicated to what I see as stylish mums. What I see myself wearing every day, & a few pieces I wish to wear. Here are my top 10 outfits I am loving right now as I start to think about the cool Spring of 2015. stylish mum

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I hope you have a great weekend full of fab style & feeling great  x  

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