What if I fall?

What if I fall? Oh my darling. But what if you fly? I adore this quote by Erin Hanson. This year I am continuing to focus on my art, I desperately want to pursue more paint & creative paper, & teachings where I can. It's scary to push yourself out of your comfort zone, especially when chasing creative dreams. Since my Dads passing last December I have looked at life different. I know it can be taken from you so bloody quickly. It's unfair I know, but it also reminds me to start being more brave & creating a life I want. For me & my family. I don't want to be sitting around in 10 years with the what if's. So what if I fail? But what if I fly? How could anybody with a creative dream not read that & wonder? What if? What if I fall? web framed

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Even though I have been drawing & creating for a long time, I still have these moments of worry & doubt. There are BIG judgments out in the world when putting yourself out there. I still feel scared at times when I create something new....What if it fails? What if no one likes it? It's about gritting my teeth & being brave anyway.  One thing I am trying to do which is really hard is to just let it go & just be. I may create things that are awful, they may be great, I may never sell them, they may even deserve the bin. That's OK. The point is exploration. Always wanting to better my creative style, thats a journey that never ends. I am close, & I know it my style, but now it's about pushing it further. Easier said than done at times right? That little voice of worry thats questions you pops in there. It's hard to squash at times but I feel like I almost need to blow them away & go on regardless of the fear. It sums up the words that spin around in my head. What if? What if? What if I do fail? How could I forgive myself if I didn't try? What if I don't fly? I need to add in there a big SO WHAT. I hate that word fail. How can someone fail when they are trying to better themselves? So with an brave open heart I am still diving in here with a curious mind, & with a whole lot of hope. Just fly my friend?

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