Weekly surface patterns

I have to confess, I am not really into design challenges, for no other reason except I start them then stop. It's not because motivation leaves me, instead life gets in my way, I lose focus, I forget & then beat myself up over it.

However this year I really want to focus on making more patterns. Making repeat patterns is one of the reasons I wanted to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator.
I still remember in my very first job watching the graphic design artists creating away & I would stare in awe. I knew I was going to learn that one day, so I did. 

I am completely, utterly, & proudly self taught artist using adobe illustrator. 

I've decided to create a challenge for myself, one without the daily pressure.
Instead, I'm giving myself a weekly goal, to create as many patterns as I can. I am fine knowing that some weeks I will create more than others, as sometimes when the mood flows & I start, I just can't stop. Other times it's harder, & I just can't force it.

With Mother's day next month I thought I'd get back on the surface pattern waggon & create some floral & bud patterns for my personalised heat packs that I sell each season. I always start with some sketching, & decided to start with some florals.

I wanted my colour palette to have an autumn feel to it, with the beautiful bold colour of mustard included. I love this teamed back with navy, some soft peony pink, taupe, muted coral. The white really freshens it's all up don't you think?
I have never used mustard before, it's not part of my standard colour palette that I use, so it's been fun experimenting.

Here are 6 combinations that I have created, all similar in colour & design yet all varied.

What do you think?

Now that these have been created, it's time to print them & some final designs.
I can't wait to share.

So far so much fun.

Kylie x



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