Watercolour love

I have been experimenting a lot lately with paint. When I was in college studying, I had one class of illustration a week where I would use pencils & gouache. It was the one class I really looked forward to, a chance to just let go a little, & let my style come through. Back then it was all fashion illustration, & creating really long legged figures & learning to draw clothing on the body. For the last 10 years it's been all about digital drawing, which I absolutely still love to do, but I have been having this itch to get away from behind the screen & paint. I haven't had this urge for a long long time so I am listening to it & going with the flow. I have been mainly using watercolour & gouache as I love the transparency of them. The way they can bleed into each other I adore. Sometimes beauty appears accidentally & I love how unpredictable it is. I have been using my new water brush which is a very new tool for me. I have never used one before, & I love how I feel like I have so much more control with it than a regular brush. So here is a bit of whats been going on around here. I have used my watercolour pencils, water brush & ink pen. Inspired by penguins & my kids LOVE of the movie Happy Feet doodles and sketches doodles and sketches doodles and sketches doodles and sketches So much fun. Expect to see in the future combined with my digital work of course. Have a great day, Kylie xo    

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