Watercolour backgrounds in progress

Happy Easter everyone I hope you have all enjoyed your days off & got to spend quality time with your families. Easter for me is exactly that some time away. a little relaxing, hanging out with my kids & family & it's also some time for me to plan for the next month. I have been working really hard behind the scenes using different techniques for my work. As much as I LOVE using Adobe Illustrator I have had this itchy feeling about getting away from there a bit & dive into one of my favourite mediums...watercolour. It's been heaven I have just been loving it. You may have noticed snippets on images of work I have been playing around with on instagram & facebook. Yesterday I spent the day playing around with some backgrounds I want to use for some new product designs. Mothers Day is coming up also (May 8th), so I thought creating a new look might be fun? watercolour back grounds You know I am a colour lover so be prepared for just that. Bright rainbow brush strokes. watercolour back grounds Some abstract lines & triangles, it has a bit of a pretty tribal feel. watercolour back grounds Delicate vee's. watercolour back grounds Confetti style spots. watercolour back groundswatercolour back grounds There are still lots more ideas floating around in my mind. But at the moment I am scanning them & will be using them for fabric. I have already started creating some products with them, you can pop over & see them on my Mother's Day shop. Let me know what you think, I'd love to know. I love working like this it feels really free for me & unstructured. I have had a few mess ups as well, but I love that about watercolour. It's such an unpredictable medium, as much as you try to control whats happening sometimes beautiful accidents happen & sometimes it's a muddy mess. They are the joys.      

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