Top 5 reasons you should buy a tooth fairy bag

Picking out a gift for someone you care about is hard. You must consider the recipient's changing likes and dislikes, cost of the item, and whether or not they already have something similar. When you make a personalized gift, you're almost guaranteed to have a success. They can't possibly have the same item, and it shows that you put great thought and care into their gift and in this case, they will use it for years to come.  
  1. They are a great keepsake
  Personalized tooth fairy bags make a fantastic keepsake that the child will treasure well into their adult years. They will remember fondly placing baby teeth in the bags and leaving it under their pillow for the tooth fairy to find. It's certainly a lot more meaningful and memorable than a Ziploc bag or wrapped up in a napkin.  
  1. Your kids will love them
  Losing teeth can be a traumatic experience. Having a personalized tooth fairy bag to put the teeth in can help ease the pain and stress and turn losing teeth into a positive experience. The sight of a familiar, meaningful object can soothe a child's spirit immensely.  
  1. It can be part of the decor of your child's room
  Of course, your child would want to keep that meaningful object close by. So why not make it part of the decor of their room? The bag can be decorated with the child's name, in their favourite colour, or a variety of options to make it a great little accessory to their room.  
  1. Keep the spirit of the toothfairy alive
  Having a ritual about using the toothfairy bag helps keep the magic of the tradition alive. It certainly makes for a more vivid experience than just sticking the tooth in a plastic bag; you can create a whole story for your child, about making sure the tooth fairy finds the tooth because it's placed in a special bag; it's easy to see how you could use such a simple object to turn losing teeth into a memorable and pleasant childhood memory.  
  1. It will be a fantastic present for a child milestone birthday
  It makes an excellent milestone birthday present for your child. Imagine  It's an important transition and a tooth fairy bag could easily make a very meaningful gift. It will be an important and meaningful experience for both you, and your child.

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