Top 5 gifts for a baby shower

Next time you are invited to a baby shower and you are stuck with what to buy check out this list. It will ensure you never run out of cool ideas and that your presents will always be remembered as they are personalised to the receiver.  
  1. Personalised birth cushion
  They are a great keepsake. It also represents comfort, warmth and is something the person will hold onto for a long time. Each birth cushion can be personalised so it adds the extra touch to the present and will keep you in the receivers memory for giving such a special present.  
  1. Personalised heat pack
  Every pregnant women will benefit from a heat bag. These are some of the most thoughtful gifts as it is something the receiver will reach for when they need warmth and comfort. You can personalise them by adding a special message or putting the person's name on it. This present is a must have at any Baby shower.  
  1. Personalised Buntings
  great party decor and something that can be used again and again. If you are ever in charge of hosting a baby shower I highly suggest you purchase some of these. High quality, personalised touch and something that will always be remembered.  
  1. Personalised pillow cases
  There is nothing more luxurious than sleeping on a pillow case that has been designed just for you. imagine the feeling your pregnant friend will have when she gets to lie down on her own personalised pillow. It is a gift that the receiver will enjoy for many years.  
  1. Personalised wall art
  People always give soon-to-be mother picture frames. It is a common gift. But what if you could turn that on its head and give a frame that is created specifically for that person, no carbon copies here. Customisable wall art is a present anyone will love because you can match the decor of the home or of the event.

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