To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong #humpdayinspiration

Welcome again to #humpdayinspiration!! I hope your Wednesday has been fab so far. I am really sorry I missed last week, it was very naughty of me. But I do have some great inspiration for you today. [video width="764" height="1080" m4v=""][/video]

"To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong" - Joseph Chilton Pearce

I love this quote SOOO much, & I know in my heart it relates to so many of us. Not just in business but life in general. It's so applicable to life in general. Everyone's life. Our fear of being wrong can disrupt our lives in different ways, from the simplest of tasks & thoughts, to the smallest to largest of situations. Fear of being wrong, fear of not doing something well enough. Fear can really cause us to not chase a dream, try something new, & even worse, live with regret. I read this quote & can absolutely share with you that the fear of doing something wrong has paralyzed me before. Many times before! Especially while running my own business. Stepping out & taking risks can be hard. Fear & concern of taking my business in new directions. Experimenting with a new style, & customers don't like it. Not creating my own way in fear of no one liking it. Not writing with my true voice of no reading it. So many fears of the unknown. Losing your fear takes courage. Squashing that fear takes REAL courage. Or in my case just not giving a shit anymore. Well almost never. Occasionally I have niggling doubts, but I shift through them so much faster now. I am becoming braver with my decisions & choices. I am at a stage now. that if I don't live the creative life I truly want now, I never will. I am fearful of regret. What if I didn't try A,B,or C? Always wondering what if, really concerns me, I just don't want that anymore. What if it made me feel alive & completely inline with myself. Reaching this stage & feeling like this has taken time. Plenty of conversations with friends, advice from those who know more than me, some coaching, & being inspired by others. How does this quote makes you feel? Please share I'd love to know. I have shared this quote via video today. It's just a recap of me drawing it. It's fun isn't it? I am totally smitten with my iPadpro & apple pen :) The quote will be free for you to download & print HERE for a week only, it will then be listed in my shop as a a download for you to buy. I hope this quote gives you the courage to live the creative life you dream of. Kylie xo  

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