The importance of developing your creative style

Something I am very passionate about is creative style, it really is the essence of your business. Having your own creative voice is a beautiful way to express yourself in whatever creative business you're in. As creative business owners were have access to develop products we never thought possible, & the supplies we need to make these are as far away as placing an order online. There are so many tutorials online, & wonderful classes we can learn from, so we can try new techniques, or up the anti on our current experience. It's brilliant isn't it? There are so many new & amazing creative brands that are emerging all the time, it blows my mind. All of their beautiful work on show gives customers a never ending choice. CREATIVE BUSINESS I have noticed a HUGE change in the market place over the last two years, so much so my sales at times have not been as strong, & easy to get as they once were. I am having to work much harder, as Facebook doesn't bring in the business it used to, being seen on your customers feed is a challenge, & it's a BIG job mastering all social media platforms. But thats OK, I see it as a positive, everyday I am learning learning learning. Today I realise more than anything the importance of developing your own style. Having your own style is vital, as it's a competitive world out there, & if you want your work to be seen, there is no point looking like everyone else. Lately I have been looking at my own style of work, & to be really honest with you, I knew deep down it needed a big shake up. I have been drawing the same way for so many years it was starting to feel too comfortable, & I was becoming bored. I also felt that my work was starting to look very similar to a lot of other brands out there. I am not sure how that happened, it could have been from me being influence by other artists, or others being influenced by my work? Most importantly I just didn't feel I was working to the best of my potential. I have had a wonderful 5 years of creating the work I do, but if I want to keep working for another 5, I know within my heart I need to grow & keep pushing my own style. So the challenge is on, & I almost feel a bit like I am at the beginning again of "re-finding" (I am not sure that word exits), my creative style. I have talked a lot in my last few posts about my love for watercolour & gouache, I used it a lot at college when I was studying. Except now I am using it again & experimenting in my way. I love surface pattern design so creating back grounds to use on future projects has been the most inspired I have been in a long time. I challenge you to look at your current business & have an honest conversation with yourself. Ask the tough questions. Are you happy with your work? Could it be better? How could you push your talents to the next level? Could you introduce a different technique/medium? Do you have a burning desire to create something you've only dreamed of? Whats stopping you from being your best? Go for it. Kylie xo

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