Taking a leap of faith

I have taken quite a step back from my business the last 8 weeks & have been looking at it from an outsiders perspective. It was really important I did this as when you're inside your creative bubble sometimes you can let opportunities, great thoughts, & new inspiration just slip by without much thought. You can sometimes be unintentionally blinded by whats right in front of you, when you're amongst the ins & outs your own business. It's been a great time to sit back, see & think, & the fact I have just hired a fantastic SEO expert who also has a marketing degree, as frustrating as it's been, some new wisdom injected into what I do has been great. Fresh eyes & different perspectives are wonderful. I have had a good long look at what I do? What do I love most? Why do I do what I do? I can answers those questions really easily. leap of faith   It's also been valuable to look at what I can improve on? What fresh ideas I can inject into my business? Is my website user friendly? Also study some competitors & like minded business to see new ways & better business moulds. It's also time to take a new leap of faith & expand on what I am doing, & to add a new perspective to my business, & just trust it's going to work out. As much as I am completely in love with what I am doing, I am looking for a new challenge. One that is only an extension of what I am doing. I have hinted many times & told you that I am building a DIY area to my business. I want others to create, get passionate & get confident to use their own hands to make beauty. I have so much experience when it comes to this, I know it's time to give back some passion with a good old needle & thread, sewing machine & get excited with fabrics. I just eat sleep & breathe this. I have to admit I feel a little nervous as I am not known as a master DIYer. I am not known as a DIY genius. I am also not known as an instructor or teacher. But thats OK, I am just going to trust you will work out having purchased my products in the past for yourself, or somebody else I have a good idea. I have that giddy feeling in my belly at the moment as I have so many plans & ideas but I am not working fast enough. But I will get there I just know I will. Trusting & taking a leap of faith s going to be the basis of my next challenge. Boy I am excited though. leap of faith Let me know if you have had these thoughts before below & how you deal with them, & how you've taken that leap of faith.

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