Self employment & the main reason I choose to work for myself

Self employment was a decision I made quite a while ago now, & one I do not regret. Being self employed is tough, it's hard work, a great deal of discipline is needed, & the pressure of knowing if I don't work it impacts on my family can feel like a lot. I have days where I wish I didn't have it. Being employed by someone else has it's pro's, knowing I can work be paid for the hard work I contribute, & when I finish for the day I can go home, switch off & relax with my family.
I combine my work with being a stay at home mum. Besides having a passion to illustrate & create children's bedroom decor, I also knew in my heart, to be home with my children was the best decision for my family.
self employment
Pre motherhood, I had a full time career, like many of us, one where I chipped in 10hr days, just to continually try and reach to the top. I travelled several times a year interstate, and overseas. Sometimes, or I should say a lot of the times, I worked weekends, I was networked into the work system, or I had a lap top. Work, work work. It was a great time in my life, great friends, and one I thought could never be topped, all the independence and cash to burn. Yep life was, sweet.
Then my babies came. WHOA!! Life changing, my time wasn't my own, I am their world, I think for them, know when they are hot, cold, hungry, or miserable. Not on my life could I leave them. Although sometimes I wish I could run away for a little while, hehehe!!! Amongst the mayhem of new babies I had that itchy feeling to create again. So I decided to start my business. I used the skills I already have from my years in the fashion industry, I relied on my instincts, so i just went for it. During my journey I have always been asked a lot of questions.
I still get a lot of people asking me how do I do it? How do i fit it in?
Why do I do it?
Doesn’t it kill you having nothing to say to anyone everyday?
Is it lonely working alone?
Aren’t you bored?
Topped with their opinion “I couldn’t do that to myself, you're nuts".
I always appreciate the opinions of others when constructive, & yes sometimes being home each day can give me cabin fever. At times I wish I could just have a good laugh or chat away with my fellow co-workers, but this is what I do.
I think today women are very lucky to be able to create their own opportunities, & live life their way. When have the opportunity to dream, discover and believe in what we do. We can do what we are passionate about & just go for it. Working from home allows me to be with my kids everyday, it’s not always a calm day, and more days than not I have the same crap life can dish out, kids arguing when I need quiet time, & it can be very frustrating. But this is what I do, I still love to draw, I adore planning & dreaming about what I want to achieve in the next day, week, month or year. It takes a lot of blood sweat & tears at times but I really wouldn't have it any other way.
wall art
It's getting easier as the kids get older, the kids understand when mummy works we need to try & be a little quiet. But they also know that there is a great trade off as I am available to take them to school & kinder, be on hand at school if I am needed, & take them to their outside activities, & I am home on school holidays. Life can get super busy & trying to be organised can be challenging, not to mention exhausting, but if I didn't chase my passions & give it a go I would be living a life of what if's. So far things are chugging along beautifully, so while they are I will continue to live the WAHM dream.
I wrote this today in hope on shedding light that WAHM’s can have kids and a their own career to

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