Self care & my new secret exercise regime

I love to exercise, well I did before I had the kids. I was one of those women who was at the gym daily, & when I had a break from the gym I hit the pavement. I was very happy with my relatively toned size 10 body. Working in the fashion industry I always felt obligated to be able to wear what was current & fitting into everything was the most important thing in the world. Then I had kids & life changes, you're greeted by the most wonderful human beings in the world, you never believed you could love anyone this much. These tiny little people bless you & consume you entirely & completely. Once I had the kids like all women I gained those pregnancy kilos, man what a bugger they are to lose. Then you have another baby & they are back & a little harder to shift. Well this is my story, much like most women I know. I hated it, it used to really upset me that I wasn't like I used to be. No matter what anyone said to me in regards to your body changing, I wasn't listening. So I have decided to let it go. I know I love my food too much these days to ever be that small again, life is way too short to feel hungry all the time. The other thing is my body doesn't hold up as well with super intensive exercise. I have shocking knees & have had surgery on both of them as a result of being incredibly athletic growing up. Loads of running & exercising so much in my 20's. I am told it's wear & tear. I started running again a year ago, & then my knees started to ache, I am terrified of having surgery again so I have stopped. Also high intensity HIIT I've decided I really hate. It's not enjoyable for me. I hate burpees, & jumping from direction to another super quickly. I feel exhausted, my technique is shocking while I am trying to keep up. So I am sticking to low impact. self care Walking is my new thing, lots of it & up hills when I can. During the winter I have been using my treadmill & listening to podcasts so the boredom factor doesn't spoil it for me, & & it stops me from quitting. I also wanted to share something I have found on you tube, which has been an absolute life saver for staying consistent. There is a channel on there called fitness blender. Run by a husband & wife team, they have over 400 hundred workouts that can be done at home. It's also FREE!! No machinery required, except maybe a dumbbell or kettle bell. They seem such a lovely & thoughtful couple, who are very mindful of good technique for all fitness abilities. I absolutely love it & do 2 of their program sessions each week. They also have a 5 day challenge, which I have done several times, each exercise session runs 30 mins & under & boy you get a great work out. It's targeted for busy people. They also have on their channel some sessions that would kill me. I thought they may be useful for you if you're looking at squeezing some exercise into your life if you've been on the slack wagon. I've been there so i get it. I know it's hard to do it sometimes, but I always feel so much better for it. I get up at 5.50-6am each day & do something for 30-40 mins, before the kids wake. I struggled getting up that early for about 4 days then the groove of it kicked it. When I do the fitness blender sessions I set it up on my ipad & just follow along. You really wont regret it. They also have an official site with great food plans & lots of other information if you're interested. Here are my favourite exercise sessions I do & I rotate them constantly. So I walk one day, do a fitness blender session the next day & repeat. Then I get another walk in on the week end & thats about as much as I can do. It's become second nature now & I feel really great that I am looking after me, making my wellbeing better for the future. Here is the 5 day work out for busy people that really got my exercise happening regularly, it brought back some great cardio moves & strength training. Day 1 workout for busy people       Day 2 workout for busy people       Day 3 workout for busy people       Day 4 workout for busy people       Day 5 workout for busy people Here is my new favourite sessions I have been doing, barre exercise. it's brilliant, & it's low impact, mind you it also breaks a sweat. All you need is a chair, light dumb bells & you don't even need shoes!! This is my favourite, & here are some more I am going to try. I hope you like them & you can start thinking about yourself & ability to feel fit & strong. Enjoy x

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