Reflections of 2015

Another year has gone by, & like everyone else it's a great opportunity to reflect on the year I have had. I like to reflect & think about what wonderful things have happened, & also think about the not so good things. The last 12 months for me have been tough, with my Dad being really unwell & watching him suffer from the horrendous disease of brain cancer, has been a life changing experience. I talked about my loss here. I never understood how cruel Cancer could be until it smacks you right in the face. It doesn't discriminate it just attacks. Unfortunately my Dad passed away on the 13th of December, so my year ended up with a loss I still can't believe. It's hard to describe, I just can't believe he is gone. I was extremely close with Dad so I don't feel I should have said anything to him before he left because we always talked about everything, there was never a stone left unturned with us. Right up until his last days he made me promise to continue to pursue my dreams, personally & professionally. He told me to keep going kiddo, & still make me proud. Dad was self employed, hence I am like I am, so this part of my journey will be an honour to continue as I know he can see me. With that promise I have sat back the last few days, enjoyed some down time, hence my absence from social media & really thought about the new year ahead, without him & how I will carry on. If it wasn't for the two true joys in my life, my days would be harder. My kids....such wonderful little humans full of happiness, love, determination & each with a strong spirit. Watching their achievements inspire me to keep moving forward. Until the last week I have never really had a motto, or word of the year, however this year will be different. Print Personally I am going to enjoy my life everyday making sure it counts, & making sure I am happy with where I am going, & enjoying the company I choose along the way. Print From a business perspective I am going to continue to pursue the goals I discussed with Dad only weeks ago. I have had a desire to teach for a long time. I have over 15 years of experience from working in Melbourne's fashion industry, & the last 5 years working for myself. I would really enjoy teaching others my design lessons & creative business tips I have learnt along the way. I know I could have used them at times myself when i was figuring things out. This year there will be more art, lots more & continuing to work on my ever evolving & changing style. The last 12 months I haven't produced nearly as much as I liked as my spare time was dedicated to Dad. 2016 will be a passionate year of creativity. I want to work on more positivity through my art, using words to create the right vibes & feelings to inspire others, especially kids. I know 2016 will be tough to carry on at times, but Dad always said I was strong & I know I can be. Happy new Year everyone, be safe & I also hope whatever big dreams you have, you conquer every single one of them. find your creative style

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