Rainbow Dreams Moodboard

There is something that I just love about rainbows. I actually can't resist a bright splash of colour. When there is a rainbow at my house there is always a rush of excitement from the kids squealing about it. It reminds me of the sweet pleasures of nature. I am glad they are still a curious highlight in their lives. rainbow moodboard Charlotte, Hudson and I are huge fans of rainbows. I still get a big smile on my face when I see one. Charlotte is always up for wearing one, or creating anything that resembles one. I have found 7 gorgeous rainbow finds that I am sure will pop a smile on your face. Images from left to right; 1. Rainbow Bead Necklace 2. I can Sing A Rainbow Wall Art Print 3. Rainbow Pom Poms 4. Rainbow Knit Dress 5. Rollerskates....OMG aren't they incredible? 6. Rainbow Heart Fabric 7. Rainbow Love Personalised Cushion Enjoy, Kylie xo Creative Bliss tribe digital subscription

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