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Inspiration, ideas, adobe illustrator and digital printing are my absolute world. Without it I couldn't do what I do for a living. My digital printing machine is my power house baby!! It prints beautiful quality images on cotton. I still remember the day I bought my digital printer, it was like the birth of a new child, I was in absolute love. You can read about the first day I received it here. Even though I have been printing my products on my DTG printer for a couple of years now, I still have the occasional enquiries about what kind of printing it is. Is it sticky? Is it a transfer? Will it peel & crack? Can my kids sleep on it? Can I wash it? All very important & justified questions, you need the facts before you part with your hard earned money. I also understand as a consumer, I want to make sure my purchase is durable & going to last the distance. It's important you have your information prior to purchasing. direct to fabric printingI just want to clarify my printing is not a transfer. When you receive our personalised cushions, or pillowcases or anything else in my collection, there is absolutely no sticky adhered ink. There is nothing thats feels like plastic. The print quality is directly printed onto my cotton, like you would print on to a piece of paper. It feels the same, it's smooth. Therefore not sticky & not transferred on. Have a look at the above image, can you see the massive print heads? You can see the the red & yellow tubes, they are the ink. My printer is like a giant size desk top printer especially created for fabric. When printing they move left and right, just like any other printer. This is the giant size 40x45cm plate that I print on. After I prime my fabric with a salt based primer solution I heat press it at 180 degrees, place the fabric on the plate & print. All files are sent via my computer which is another whole conversation. direct to fabric printingYou can see the print designs on top of it. I will admit to pressing start thinking I have placed fabric there & I haven't....whoops! Once printed it goes under my heat press and it's complete. All I need to do is cut, sew & create. direct to fabric printingBecause of the type of printing it is the surface is always smooth. No peeling & no cracking. It can be washed over and over & is created for durability. If you order a pillowcase for me, it's ideal to sleep on due to it's print type. But like anything you buy to sleep on & wear, you really should wash it first. Although the primers I use are salt based & not highly toxic, I recommend washing them to be rid of any excess. creative pressue The end result is a collection of personalised cushions, pillowcases, a Christmas collection & so much more, that not only look great but I know will stand the test of time. I pride myself on my work & print quality, and I am really proud to be selling it. I hope that answers any questions, however I am always happy to answer any other queries you may have so always feel free to email me. Need further reassurance, be sure to check my happy customer reviews here. Kylie x

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