Pressures of creativity

Creative pressure is something that we can tend to put on ourselves a lot when you're running your business. Being the creative type can be absolutely exhausting. Whether you draw, paint, create, write & anything else that requires coming up with new ideas can be a challenge. creative pressure From a drawing perspective I feel like I have had a cloud hanging over me. The soft fluffy kind of course. The middle of the year has come around, well actually it's truly past it & I knew it was time to get cracking on new work. Knowing I was behind in my normal work flow & starting a new season I had created this pressure. Pressure that I have created no one else. Developing new work & putting life back into my brand is what I need to do. I feel it's looking sluggish & needs some oomph, & I know it really needs a shake up at the moment. Adding this pressure & responsibilty on myself was making it hard. Like I was forcing the new work. When I force work nothing happens. NOTHING...NADA....ZERO.....ZIP I know how I function. Forcing anything on myself doesn't work for me. I am a bit of a free spirit when it comes to my work. I love working on my demands, when my heart desires it. That's how I operate. I would give business operators who swear by business plans heart palpitations. I plan a head loosely & that's the best I do. Sometimes things change, I change, trends shift, ideas come & go & I love the freedom of following my instincts. It's what works for me & has done so over the last few years. creative pressure   Don't get me wrong I plan I know what I have & want to do. But it's a loose plan, always with room for movement. I feel like the fog has lifted after Dad's passing, I am seeing the world far more clearly & I have this inspiration to create. The fact I have a new iPad Pro with apple pen that I am totally in love with, has given me a sense of creative inspiration. Oh the brushes make my heart race with happiness. Breathing some new fire into this bird, I mean brand haha. I like to be honest about my creative purpose, process & schedules as I know creativity can be a challenge at times. Not always, but when your mind is not in the flow it can be a challenge. Sometimes it can make you questions your abilities. What you're doing. Where you're going. And the worst of all is thinking, you've lost it. I have thought all of the above many times. I know none of them are true, but when you've hit the wall, feeling blocked, or just exhausted from other areas of you life, creativity, or anything in life can feel a little stagnant. creative pressue For those of you who have felt like this before, just know it's a phase. I truly believe it also happens for a reason. Stepping away, taking the pressure away, focusing on something completely new, I believe is the best way to bounce back. that's what I did. I took it slow, dealt with what was happening in my life & little by little I have returned to my normal self. Normally if this happens it's only a day or two, but this time a little longer just due to the circumstances with my Dad. So with new inspiration I have so many new ideas going on at the moment. I just am working out how to fit it all in. It's the best feeling ever. The above new designs are proof that it all comes back when you allow it to & remove the pressures. I am really happy with the two new designs new created with many others on the way. I feel like I am returning to things as usually, draw, create, write, share....repeat. I am sitting at a cafe now as I type this & it's time to head back to where Charlotte dances. Have a wonderfully creative weekend. Kylie xo

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