New Artwork Social Butterfly

A few weeks I sketched a new design that was completely influenced by my daughter Charlotte. social butterfly sketch She is quite the 'social butterfly'. Staying home & not being with friends seems to be quite the boring option for her. She lives to be with her friends at dancing & her best boy buddy Jobe, our neighbour. Keeping her still can be quite the challenge. I feel so blessed that this kid is full of beans, although it can be quite tiring at times. girls art print She reminds me a lot like me when I was younger. Growing up all I wanted to do is be with my friends. It wasn't always my school friends, but  my team mates from softball. After our games, I lived for the hanging out, having lunch together, buying icy poles & just laughing 24/7. Life was so simple then, no complications, it was all about having fun. I love the friendships Charlotte has created from her sport of dance. When she is on her lunch break & I see her sitting in a circle laughing & joking, my memories flood back fast. It's not until you're an adult I believe you truly appreciate these moments. They are truly to be cherished. Print available in my shop, here.

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