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My week on instagram My weeks seem to be flying so far, which is not how I want my year to be this year. I want to ENJOY (my 2016 word) my year by taking in in each day, watching the kids learn at school & sport, relax yet have productive weekends, create more art, & just smile & giggle loads more. So another week on instagram, quite a fund creative one that resulted in new products for the shop. My week on instagram All images from left to right. Feb 8th 2016 – This is one of Charlotte's best friends Evie that she dances with. The 2 of them are crazy funny. Her mum asked me to make a library bag for Evie & here is the funny faced photo I received of her holding it. Feb 1st 2016 – A mug I drink out of every day, it's my favourite & a reminder to me t keep chasing my dreams & just believe everything is possible. Feb 9th 2016 – Charlotte has a wobbly tooth. Her excitement simply can't be contained as she feels everyone else has a wobbly tooth except her. SO I asked her which tooth fairy bag she'd like & non already in my shop was what she wanted & asked for a super hero. I think her brothers influence is starting to take it's grip haha. Feb 9th 2016 – This was a day to photography my bunnies I know will be perfect gifts this Easter. Yes I did mention Easter!! Feb 10th 2016 – One of my favourite quote by Erin Hanson - "What is I fall? Oh my darling. But what you fly". Feb 11th 2016 – Lets make paper ice cream cone garlands. You can find yours here. Feb 12th 2016 – More soft toys I made to cuddle for the bed. I love the moon it has something mystical yet magical about it. You can see more here. Feb 13th 2016 - I am offering an early bird discount on my "Find your Creative style course". You can read more here & the code is earlybirdfycs Thanks for reading if you would like to see more of my instagram photos your can here. Make sure to say hi :)      

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