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My week on instagram I caught up with friends on the weekend & like they always do, they always ask how my week was. It's pretty sad when you have to recall on your favourite social media to remind you!! I adore instagram way to much, it my favourite social media home. I love to add snippets of my day, things that are happening in my life, & lots of creative inspiration. If you're on there come & say hi, here is my instagram home, if you're not please come & join the fun. Here is a weekly round up. My week on instagram   All images from left to right. Feb 1st 2016 - It was a huge week last week with both kids starting school. An even bigger one for my baby girl starting prep. An exciting day for us all, she simply can not believe she is at school with her big brother.   Feb 2nd 2016 - A lovely friend gave these to me in memory of my Dad. Aren't they stunning? They had a plain white pot so I brightened it up with washi tape.     Feb 3rd 2016 - Can you believe Easter is at the end of March? After Christmas I can't even think about it, especially chocolate. However nothing makes me happy than drawing bunnies, I love them. Here are some bunny heads I am making for Easter for lots of soft cuddles.   Feb 4th 2016 - Lots of sketching will be happening this year. Today I drew here so we can all chase our big dreams.   I wrote this blog post & was completely inspired by the gorgeous colour combination of min, yellow & grey together. I even designed these digital downloads.   Feb 5th 2016 - We finally all get to go to the movies. It was just the kids & I. the movie....Star Wars. I love these films but wanted to watch all of them again, & Hudson wanted to see them all before we saw the latest one. LOVED IT!!   Feb 6th 2016 - And just like that another week & my weekends are again not my own. Back to Taekwondo & dancing for this mamma. Well that was my week in a nutshell, I will posting another one next Monday so see you then.     find your creative style      


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