My top 5, best selling boys personalised cushions

personalised cushions
I get a lot of emails from customers saying, I need to buy a cushion for a baby boy, which are your best selling personalised cushions for boys.
So here are my 5. I find it's amazing as a designer, no matter how many new boy personalised designs I can create, no matter what the super cool trends are, these guys always sell the most. Over & over, & I am so fine about that.
It really shows how much boys love their cars, trucks, & machinery is all shapes & forms. From the farm, to the street to the air. My intention is always to keep colours bright & relatively classic. I know a lot of people get bored with the blue & reds, but you know what, its classic & always co-ordinated perfectly in the majority of boys bedrooms.
Did you know that the trucks & tippers personalised cushion was the second cushion I ever created? Thats was about 4 years ago, & like I said it literally just keeps trucking along.
They are all listed in the shop section in my store under "boys cushions" section of my shop & still available in 2 sizes.
Although I talk a lot about classics, I am in the vey near future going to add a new colour way for each design. Just to freshen things up, but don't panic these boys will always be available.

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