My love for musical theatre

Musical theatre is in my heart & in my soul, it really does inspire my creativity. For as long as I can remember I have loved music, dancing & acting. Unfortunately I do not have the slightest talent for any of them. Clearly my creativity has come out in other ways. I still remember my very first musical theatre experience, I was 7/8 years old & went & watch the original Annie at the movies. Annie is still one of my favourite movies to date, & each time the stage production has come to Melbourne I have been. Once with my husband & with my mum. The last time it was here was in August 2012. I have now managed to pass this obsession on to my kids, Charlotte is a obsessed with Annie as I was. between us it gets a bit theatrical here as home when she plays the sound track from the original version. We love it. On Easter Sunday I took my kids to their first live musical theatre show, "The Lion King". I was so excited as I hadn't seen it myself, but I knew in my heart that they were going to be blown away. They loved the cartoon/movie, so I thought it would be a great first one to see, as they knew the story line well, & I knew I wouldn't have to explain the whole story to them while it was on. musical theatre   musical theatre I couldn't believe how amazing the show was, I was entranced from the beginning until the end. The performers blew me away, their voices were beyond amazing, & the costumes were as predicted absolutely blew me away. It was incredible how life like the animals were, the puppeteering was genius, the animal movements were so life like, i felt like I was in the African savannah, it was just mind blowing. It was an incredible show & the kids were fantastic in it. Hudson's enthusiasm surprised me, I could see him smiling & whispering things to Daniel though out it, & when I heard him giggle occasionally it was so fantastic to witness. Charlotte also was in awe. She couldn't take her eyes off the animals, the puppeteering was extraordinary, & she couldn't believe there were kids close to her age actually singing & dancing on the stage. that blew her mind. God help me, she already sings & dances enough at home & at her dance studio. lion king 4   musical theatre I felt so happy for them, as I never got to see a live musical theatre show of such calibre until I was 19 years old, when I could pay for my own tickets. My first show was Beauty & the Beast. Bert Newton was the clock in it, & I will never forget it. I was studying fashion design at the time, & as well as loving the show itself, I remember being completely fascinated with the costumes, the colours, the details, & all I could think about was how they were constructed & the patterns that would have been drafted to create those shapes. I still have thoughts like that when I watch anything on stage that has incredible costumes, but my obsession has wilted a little, I like to now sit back & enjoy the show. If musical theatre is your thing I would highly recommend this product it's absolutely incredible for the whole family.    

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