My kids LOVE blankets

As long as I can remember my two kids love to snuggle up with a blanket. They are such cuddly snuggle bums I just adore it. From the moment their bottom hits the couch, a blanket is picked up & draped over them. Along with their blanket is usually their favourite soft toy & it's heaven on their face. Their blankets are getting old now, as they have had them from babies & both are starting to look quite grubby no matter how often I wash them. Not only that, but the kids are outgrowing them, especially Hudson. my kids love blankets Pre blanket photo 2 So I thought I would make them some news ones. I have been wanting to for a while but I have been a little slack with making the time. My love of surface design has given me the opportunity to make a new one for each of them. Lots of drawing & making repeat patterns. ONE OF THE LOVES OF MY LIFE craft panels So after finalising all 9 patterns, it was a rush of excitement printing them all. So many ideas were flashing through my head, things I could make with them besides the blanket. There is nothing quite like that feeling. Creative BLISS!!!! All 9 design panels are above. I had been working on the designs for about a week with constant tweaking. I hinted & shared a couple of designs on instagram last week here & here. I wanted the colours to be bright with lots of options to coordinate easily. Charlotte doesn't love any particular colour the most, she is a bit of a rainbow girl. She loves them all. craft panels craft panels craft panels craft panels I am squealing with excitement over the colours, & can't wait to sew it all together which I will show you in a couple of days. Fun, fun, fun. The next challenge are 9 new designs for Hudson. Kylie xo   Creative Bliss tribe digital subscription  

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