My first trip to the snow

Last Sunday I went on my first trip to the snow with the kids at Mount Donna Buang. Can I confess something? I have never been to the snow before. When I tell others this, it horrifies them, I get the NEVER look. I have never been to the snow before I think mainly because my parents never took me. There opinion was it was too cold & too expensive. So I guess hearing that as a kid those beliefs have kind of stuck. I was asked to go by one of the awesome parents at school, I said I had always wanted to go but have never been. Again I got the NEVER look. I told her Hudson had asked several times to go but we hadn't because we didn't own any snow gear. I was also told repeatedly it was over the top expensive at the mountains so I had just never got around to taking him. Well my friend went on to tell me where she goes is free, & it wasn't like a typical ski mountain, it didn't have chair lifts, it was a family friendly hangout with small hills & runs perfect to toboggan down on. I was in, & committed with a big yes. Luckily I have other fantastic friends who go to the snow, so calling on some favours I managed to borrow clothes for everyone. All we really needed was shoes so we just wore gumboots. I felt really so grateful & super excited about going, especially assuming all of the fun I knew the kids were going to have. I wanted to share my super special day with my favourite photos. trip to the snow Just before we reached the mountain I took a happy snap of the kids, their faces say everything. YAY lets get this snow fun on. trip to the snow Charlotte had this obsession with eating the snow. trip to the snow After a couple of hours tobogganing Hudson ventured a little towards the forrest. The scenery was magical, I almost felt like I was in a twilight movie, without hunky Edward. The beautiful green leaves, dark brown tree trunks, looked incredible against the snow. It was lovely here just over ankle deep. I can tell you though my toes were dry but absolutely freezing. trip to the snow   trip to the snow The beauty of the moss on the rocks under the snow was so captivating I loved it. trip to the snow Here we are the 3 of us. I struggle with the perfect selfie shot, but I am pretty sure you can see how happy we were on out first trip. It was such a success we are hoping to return this weekend with our neighbours. If you consider yourself a bit of a snow bunny & have some snow tips for me, please tell me everything. Hudson loved it so much I can see it becoming a regular family activity.  

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