My creative work space

My creative work space is the little hub of my house I call home. I am not joking it's the tiniest little spot in the house, it's cramped with more things that should be in there, but I am grateful for having it. my creative space I wanted to give you a tour of it. I have taken photos of it as it is, how I work most days without primping & priming it making it something that it isn't. Don't get me wrong I would love to have a space that is so photo worthy magazines were belting on my door to photograph it. The other thing is for me to style my little creative hub exactly as I would like it would take hours, money for amazing storage, & patience. Today I don't have that, so this is the real deal & as I said my creative hub / sanctuary :) my creative space Here is my desktop area where I write & draw. I like to use a wacom tablet & have done so for as long as I can remember. That is my pen the little black stick with the ball under it. Trying to draw with a mouse feels awkward & hurts my wrist. I always have water beside me, my markers & pencils in arms reach & my trusty exercise books so I can write down notes, & ideas they may pop into my head. Without this I can guarantee losing them. You cant see that well but to the right are my printers. The little one has a scanner & is a basic Canon pixma MG5150. The other is my big A3 epson photo stylus 1410. my creative space My trust sewing machines, I have had them both since I was 21 years old. They may seem ancient but both still work perfectly well. I don't sew as much as I would like to these days, but I do like to make all of my samples before I launch a new product lines. I know that if I can create something really well, then I know I can rely on my machinist doing as good a job. It's a tiny little spot to sew but it works quite well.  As I said earlier I didn't tidy up to much as I wanted you to see how my work space is most days. So there is my clip board & water colours I have not yet put away properly, & are still sitting there. Besides I love looking at all of those inspiring colours, so it's not so bad. my creative space Next is a full length photo of this tiny corner of my space. My shelves are stacked with all of my art & design books, which I refer to quite a lot. The collections grows little by little each year. Unfortunately you can see some very blank cork boards. As it's still a new year I am yet to fill them again with inspiration & ideas I would like to pursue for the year. They are still on regular paper for now, but I promise that will change soon. All those rolls of spotty fabrics are what I used to back all of my personalised cushions & many other products. my creative space Here is my heat press which on is about 50cm away from my right elbow when I work. It goes up to 180'C in heat & is vital in the staying power of the ink on my cottons when I print. Without it would result in some very unhappy clients :) It can also result in one hot & bothered worker at! It's not fun in the same as you can imagine. my creative space Just above my heat press are all my shelves holding everything I need. Quilting fabric rolls which I promise to utilise one day. Folders of tax receipts & bookwork, boring yet essential. There are boxes of haberdashery galore, threat, elastic, ribbons, tapes & needles. Add paint brushes, rollers, stencils, & palettes in another box. More stationary & scissors. my creative space Here is my shameful messiest area of shelving, but are equally important & useful to me. I can admit to struggling to keep it tidy. Fabrics cuttings that are used weekly, boards & cards I print art on, sketch books & specialty papers, clock mechanisms, tissue that I wrap my orders in, & everything else in between. Organised chaos my mum calls it. my creative space This big bad girl is the heart of my business. I haven't named her & I am not sure why....Do I need to? Anyway this is my big digital printer. My pride & joy which was always the token prizes as I worked. I took me five years to build my work up to justify having her, as I have a repayment every month I need to cover. Nothing like artistic pressure haha! Anyway she has taken my business to a new level being able to make me gorgeous durable printed products. She is nearly 140cm wide & approximately that in height, so she takes up a crap load of space, but it's SO WORTH IT!!! So there you have it a mini tour of my work space. It's tiny but I honestly couldn't feel happier or more content when I am in here. I dream of more space one so I could spread out a bit more. Sometimes I even get a little cranky & feel suffocated about the tiny space I have. But it is what it is, & I feel pretty damn lucky to have it. I have also created a video sequence where I have shown my creative space & chatted my way though it. If you would like to see it & get involved in the find your creative space group I would love to have you. Print  

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