#MumBoss Interview with Holly from TopKnot Girl

Tell us about you & your creative business.
What is it that you create? What is your signature style ?
I'm Holly, wife of one and mother of two. I'm the creative Mumpreneur behind the brand TopKnot Girl.
We create modern Headwear (Headbands and Bonnets) from baby to adult.
My signature style is based on basics and comfort for the everyday girl!

What inspired you to make you the decision to start your creative business?
My baby girl - she was 12 weeks old at the time and I wanted some nice Headbands dos myself as I lacked time to style my hair. 

What steps do you take when creating a new product? Are you a planner? Sketcher? Do you make mood boards? Research?
I fly by the seat of my pants and go with inspiration when it strikes!

Who & what is your creative inspiration? Why?
Inspiration comes from the every day, mixed with trends. A bonus if they both correlate. Inspiration can strike anywhere, you just have to be looking out for it!

How do you deal with creative blocks? What steps do you take to shift them? Usually, a few days off to clear the mind and getting around like minded babes to help me through.

How do you balance your creative business / life / motherhood?
I don't. It's a juggle. When one ball is up, another is down. It works for me - sometimes! Haha.

You’re quite the pro at Instagram, with over whopping 60K followers. Your images are beautiful. What tips can you offer others on how to create connections/conversation with your current or potential followers.
Oh thank you. It's certainly a lot of work. I find you need to be relatable and connect. Answer people and give them content they enjoy and want to interact with!

What have been your biggest learning curves while running a business? How did you solve them?
Mixing work and home life all the time. It's hard to separate them. I've not really overcome that but I am working on it daily!

If money was no object, what would be the one thing you add to your business to make life easier?
An extra set of hands at the sewing machine! (A seamstress! Hah!)

Advice is always something appreciated from mums who have established a business. Can you offer some wisdom to those who are also on the journey of running a business, or wanting to start one?
Just get out there and have a go! Nothing to lose and so much to gain! Try everything and see what works. Continue with what does and discard what doesn't and try it again down the track. Have fun with it too!

To say hi to Holly, follow her or buy from her you can find her at the links below.
Web : https://www.topknotgirl.com.au/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/topknotgirl_/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/topknotgirl

Thanks so much Holly for taking the time to answer the questions. It's always great to hear others perspectives on business, life as a mum & everything in between. 
I totally relate to the having a seamstress if money was no object....I am hearing you loud & clear haha!

Thanks again,

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