Memories of tiny haviana's

I have been enjoying my days here at home working. Sometimes it feels a bit lonely as I am quite the chatter box. I am always up for a cuppa & a chit chat. I do enjoy the piece & quiet, & depending on my focus I am loving being able to choose the music I want to listen to. Nothing like the right tunes to inspire me. While tidying up Hudson's room yesterday I opened what I call, his "keepsake draw". It's all things baby. It's a place where his maternal health book is, birth details, the little & very unattractive robe the hospital dressed him just after his birth, his tiny little I.D wrist band, & lots of other little memories. In there is his Peter Rabbit egg cup, which was given to him from my mum & dad for Easter. It's so adorable, & is a shame he doesn't eat eggs :( easter Then I found one of my favourite little items. His very first pair of baby Haviana thongs. So tiny. I couldn't help but buy them, but oh so completely useless to. He wasn't even walking. But not only that, his feet were so chubby I could hardly get them on. I still remember so clearly when he wore them, laughing so hard as his little feet were bulging out of them. His feet were as high as they were wide. I have kept them due to this memory. They are still in such good condition, as they weren't really used due to the chubby foot factor. A good laugh. I popped them beside my blue cuddly bunny for some size comparison, & they looked even smaller. You forget how tiny they were as babies. Hudson to me he is still tiny, although turning 8 years old he will always be tiny in my eyes. I absolutely love, looking back at precious memories. It's a time to wonder were the time has gone, feel so much love, & I am so grateful that he is growing into such a wonderfully caring & conscious human being. My heart explodes. Do yourself a favour, when you have a moment alone go & indulge yourself in those memories. You day will feel so much better for it. Kylie xo   find your creative style    

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