Memories birth cushions can bring.

There is something so truly amazing about the birth of a baby.

When it's your own baby, they are moments of love & feelings so strong, you wish you could bottle them up. I know when I had both of my kids, I would lose time staring at them, hours upon hours, wanting to capture everything. 

There you are in the baby bubble & before you know it they have grown, doubled in size, & you can not believe how tiny they once were.

Capturing those first details on a birth cushion you will never forget the most precious memories of your life. The details of your sweet little baby.

Creating memories are so important to me, & I know to all parents also.
Remembering their little hands & feet.
Chubby cheeks, & squishy rolley legs.
Their first giggles & words.
The feeling of them holding your finger with their tiny hand.

Although my kids are both at school now, I am so glad I created personalised birth cushions with their precious details, captured forever & always close to me. 

Today, my kids LOVE to look at them occasionally, & always unable to comprehend just how small they once were. Their look of amazement is just beautiful.

This is one of the many reasons I started my business, to capture memories in beautiful ways. You can see all of my birth cushions here.

Thanks for reading,
Kylie xo

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