I have a new website

It's been a week of intensity & anticipation....I have a new website!
I am not joking it felt like a new baby slowly coming in to the world.
I have been wanting to change my website for a while, but it always seemed not the right time. Then something came over me where I just knew it had to be done & I made that decision, let's do it. You know that feeling you get when it's completely impulsive, but you know it's right? So it's here, & I want you to see it, take a look right here, I am feeling quite proud.

With the excitement of building the website, there has been one low :( I have had to, unfortunately, change my email, boo hoo, I am not happy. My new web platform Shopify, can not carry over third party emails for a reason I still don't understand completely. I really didn't want to give up my hello email, so I've had to put my big girl pants on, change it, move on & celebrate.

There is always something to celebrate, & the launch of my new website is it!!
I am offering FREE SHIPPING for 24hours, use the 
webcelebration in at check out. 
This will definitely come in handy for Christmas.

Before I sign off, a big thank you for all the personalised Santa Sack orders I have already received. I know that you're happy with them, & have put away the sparkly reindeer food for the kids on Christmas Eve.

Thanks so much for reading,
Kylie x

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