hip hip hooray....website switch

free art How was your weekend? I have to admit mine wasn't too exciting as I had a deadline you see. Six weeks ago I decide to switch web platforms. I left what was only to be described at the royalty of websites, "word press", to something much simpler to use. I loved word press don't get me wrong. I built my website with what could only be described as blood sweat & tears. I googled & watched endless you tube tutorials on how to build it. I did well considering I am a web designer novice. I bought plug ins & sourced advice from those who knew more than me. Towards the end I had to hire someone to give me a hand at times, as I wasn't into coding or anything that tech savvy for that matter. Wordpress was pretty cool, but unless you were up there with the lingo, latest plugins, new coding, aware of the constant updates, & which always resulted in me spending money on keep things afloat. I learnt developers would develop plug ins, get bored with them & move on to the next venture but leave people like me in the lurch because their plugin then conflicted with someone else because of this reason or that. This resulted in constant glitches in my site. Towards the end my lack of tech savvy knowledge & conflicting glitches caused much frustration & I will admit many tears. As I have mentioned that 2016 is my year, I can feel it. I have decided to simplify & move onto another platform called Shoppepro which seemed fantastic & offered....wait for it 24/7 customer service. Sweet sweet music to my ears. Knowing that my monthly plan included a help line almost made me cry with happiness. So the task of building it started end of November last year, I have no idea why I thought I would be able to do it, but I pursued it anyway. In between Christmas orders & my poor dad,  I built it & transferred products over bit by bit. Once again there I was learning how to use a new system. I am happy to say with very few dramas that I am finished & it's all transferred over. My domain has been transferred over, my email has transferred happily & my blog with all 17,000 images has moved over also. If you're looking for a great ecommerce site that is simple, professional looking, easy to build with wonderful customer service I would seriously Shoppe pro. My website is my happy place. My home. My love. My business. My life. When it doesn't work smoothly, I feel out of sync & not aligned. Yes I really love what I do THAT much haha. Jump over their & let me know you think. Oh by the way the hip hip horay artwork above, is for free for you to download. Print it out & enjoy the happiness of it. Also very exciting I have just created a creative facebook group I would LOVE you to join. Lets talk about getting creative, learning about our own style, get feed back from each other & fill it with happiness. You can jump over here & join me, it's FREE. Print  

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