High product quality kids decor is so important to me.

High product quality for kids decor is so incredibly important to me. Working for myself has made me think very seriously about the quality of work I deliver to my customer. I am sometimes asked why my products are more expensive than my department store competitors. Competition is a very healthy aspect of business, but sometimes I am slightly frustrated with the constant Asian imports & continuous department store sales. I have no issues with them, as when I worked in the fashion industry I was a major contributor. I worked in a middle price range company, so it wasn't so bad. But I have also developed products for majors like K-Mart, Target & Aldi & I all I can say it was bloody tough work. To be very honest with you I didn't like that part of my job, I hated having to be price driven & asking for manufacturers in China & India to produce clothing & embarassingly low prices. It never sat well with me, but I also had to work. STUCK in the middle, was me to a tee. Sometimes we can compete with each other, & sometimes as a business owner we need to block this off & run our own race. Everything I make is Australian made, & I mean that, absolutely everything. I illustrate from my studio at home. Every drawing comes out of my desk top Mac & my own mind. I buy my delicious light weight white twill I print on locally in Melbourne. I have tried a few printing qualities, but I have found my bliss, so I am sticking with it. Since using it I have been complimented on it's quality, softness & how it washes, so I am sticking with this baby. Sometimes trialling qualities takes time, but so worth it in the end. Every design printed on any of my products is also done in house. I own a DTG (direct to garment) printer, & it's fantastic. I raved on about it when I bought it just over 12 months ago here.  It's designed to print on tees, but I seem to use it for everything else except that. It's perfect & I love it. Printing is not a 5 min job. All of my fabrics are pretreated manually to give you the best eye catching popping prints I can provide for you. After pre treatment each piece of plain white fabric is heat pressed at 180'C for 35seconds before I even print. It's then I load all of my customer personalised files up to my program & print. My printer doesn't spit artwork out like the speed of sound, it takes a good 5-10 minutes to print something, all size dependant. Once printed I heat press everything making sure your personalised design is durable & as colour fast. Once panels are printed & heat sealed, I hand cut everything, & coordinate it with a polka dot basic fabrics I own. Then I prepare it for my machinist, or sometimes I sew it if I have an urgent customer request. At the end of the day I don't care who makes it, as long as its produced with a high quality & the customer is happy. I like to have everything machined here locally in Melbourne. Not only doesnt it allow me to keep a tight quality control of the quality, it helps with employment. Once packed it's all ready to be posted. Keeping my products made in Melbourne is amazing for our economy, even if I only contribute a teeny tiny bit. It also keeps business local, buying & subcontracting work to locals keep my quality at it's highest, & people employed. It allows me to keep an eye very closely on whats going on, making sure it's good enough to be posted to a customer. I believe if it's good enough for me to receive (I have high standards), then I am absolutely positive it is perfect enough for consumers. Keeping high quality checks a priority, keeps my returns at an all time low. I hope the above outline gives you an idea of my brands standards & how I am always striving for the best Australian made kids quality products ever. product quality for kids

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