Finding self care is about making intentions

Truth be told, it can be challenging taking the time to be yourself, & feeling very comfortable. By no means am I here to say I have it altogether, no way ever, I am 40 this year & I am still figuring things out. As I mentioned in my last post, I went through a phase where I was pushing myself to the limit to do everything, & be everything, to everyone. I was starting to get to my breaking point a few months back, I was at my limit & I had to stop it. I know this is such a common behaviour for mums, it's our nature & it's what we do, & I know it's OK, but I found there was a point I had to redirect some of this in a more positive way. I sat down one night feeling emotional & anxious thinking how do I fix this. I wanted to get back to enjoying my days more, I know I will still be as busy & rushed, but if I am going to be like this lets make sure I do it with happiness & intention. I made a list of what I love, & what makes me feel more like the real version of myself. You may notice I don't have my work on this list, as I wanted to find other loves so I can break away at times. I am so passionate about what I do, I know my list would have tripled, as I tend to be a little workaholic. self care   My list of loves are really simple, nothing earth shattering. I wanted to bring them back to my daily life & make each of them intentional & achievable. You may notice that they are very simple & I am sure there are a couple of common points that are all too familiar. After writing my list I sat & thought about how my normal week was currently structured, & boy it was full, but I knew there had to be a way of shuffling around my days/weeks/months to incorporate them. This was about me, giving self care & achieving goals. There is no way I will fulfil all of these immediately, but I knew it had to be possible, so I just started & went from there. We all know the importance of exercise, & I knew I wasn't moving enough. When I don't move I feel even more tired. I like to up early as it's quiet, & the world is so still. I love to walk & run, (but my knees don't anymore), but I am a scaredy pants to go walking when it's not light in the morning. So I have been using my treadmill. I don't enjoy the treadmill so thinking about walking on that for 30-40 minutes most days made me think about staying in bed. I love to read, but knowing I can't hold a book & walk, I have found some fantastic podcasts to listen too. I love podcasts that are inspirational & talk a lot about creative business, so I have been listening to those. By the time you know it, 35mins has gone & I don't even notice, & the bonus is I have learnt something new. It felt brilliant I tackled two things on my list already, woo hoo. If you're interested these are my favourites podcasts at the moment on the Smart Creative Women website. I have been getting up at 5.50am, & I have to admit it was hard to get used to, my eyes felt like they were burning, but it only took me a couple of mornings & now it's second nature. I have incorporated pretty much all of these things on my list at least once over the month & when I popped them in my diary it was such a wonderful feeling. I felt like my days were starting to feel more intentional, with things that were important to me. The only thing I haven't done yet is sew something for myself, I am talking clothes here of course. I used to do it all the time & then stopped. I know I will get there eventually & will definitely it. I am feeling really good about putting these intentional choices into my life, they are simple & productive. Your turn......If you have been here before, or feeling a little lost about looking after yourself & getting intentional with your day. Why don't you too make a list of everything you love & start with a couple of them & slowly add them back in to your daily or monthly routine. Life is so busy as a mum / woman & we do deserve all of the lovely self care we give others. Let me know what you have done in the comments, or of Facebook. xx

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