Finding self care

Beside my family kids & art, another topic I am very passionate is self care. I believe as busy as I can be at times, almost dragging myself along, giving myself a dedicated amount of time each day is really essential for me to function. I like to cram as much as I can into my day, I am up at 5.50am every day & in bed usually by 10.30-11pm. Sometimes when I put my head on the pillow I am like a log & feel like I don't dream or move until that alarm goes off again the next morning. self care Prior to this, I went through a stage for a long time when I pushed myself to my limits. I wouldn't stop until I became accidentally ill, then my body would crash I'd take a few days to recover, & as soon as I got a that slight "I feel better moment", I would start all over again. It wasn't a very nice or attractive cycle I was going through. I was tired, I looked tired & I felt impatient & I felt completely like the life was being sucked out of me. Yes I know a dreadful term. It wasn't until I had one of those moments when I stepped back & had a look at what was going on because I felt quite miserable that I was not enjoying my days. They were just going by too fast & I wasn't looking or absorbing them. I still am not sure why was I rushing so much? Why did I feel the need to do everything? I think I had a bit of the super woman moment, & felt I needed to be able to do everything. I know I am not alone here, many of us do it. I decided that this was going to stop. I still wanted to be the same person, I like to achieve a lot in my day, I still wanted my kids to have with me all the time, I still wanted to work my business (I love it), & keep my house in order. But I knew I also had to start doing something for myself. This wasn't anything superficial, or anything that would cost a mint, like shopping spree, (although that would be nice haha). They had to be things I enjoyed, for me, not for the kids my husband or anyone else. I started thinking about all the things I used to do pre kids, & there were a lots. I decided a couple of months ago I was going to start including them into my day again. They were simple quiet activities which is what I crave. They were walking in the morning, sitting quietly & enjoying my cup of tea, & finishing it, reading that article in a blog or magazine, do a bit of mental planning & get my goals written down, pottering in my garden, obsessing over new fashion, & painting my nails. Bit by bit I have found time for all of these things & so many more, & it has changed me as a person again. Getting there has taken a bit of shuffling & discipline, but I just feel more like me again, I know I am worth the simple things that make me smile. I know I am not the only one who has felt like this before, & I look forward going forward to sharing all of the bits & pieces I have been doing for myself with you over the next few weeks. So if you're feeling a bit stuck like I was, maybe you too can get back to the real you? Maybe there is a part of you that you adored, & has got a little lost since the kiddies or other priorities? Another thing, I have learnt along my way that doing all theses things to spoil yourself doesn't have to cost the earth, a lot are free. It's time to shine again loveliesx

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