Find your creative style course released

I am launching my course today that will commence on March 1st 2016.....Find your creative style. find your creative style I am excited & feeling quite nervous to be really honest, as I never thought I would ever do anything like this before. But I know deep down I have so much to offer & so much to give, teach & mentor others. My experience in the fashion industry  has taught me lesson I never thought would be valuable until I started design & creating products in my own business 5 years ago. Today the world is saturated with so many fantastic creative souls, you only need to check out social media for the proof. However there is only one of you & learning to share that with the world takes a lot of hard work & bravery. Developing your own creative style can be a challenge, we are constantly influenced by others & sometimes lose ourselves & lose touch with who we really are as creatives. I know this as I have been here before. It's to be honest a crap feeling knowing you have so much to give, yet feel stuck as to what your style is, your brand, & what your unique personality is all about. find your creative styleSo if you're feeling...... Like your creative style could be more unique? More aligned with who your truly are? Your creative style not representing who you are as an individual? Instead it feels like a mash up of you & other influences around you? Like your creativity has slumped & you're in a bit of a flat space? You're frustrated with trying to discover who you really are as a creative? You crave the feeling of developing your own unique style, so you can run your business your way, with your own signature style? Your branding isn't inline with who you are as a creative business? You're lacking the cohesiveness you're caving in your product line? Are you maximising the sales you should be receiving? Your social media platforms aren't inline with you unique creative style? You're feeling like it's too overwhelming & it's too hard to work out what it is your true style is? Thats where I know my teachings will help you define this. We will dive in together with other like minded students & work through the exercises & teachings that will really help you define your creative style. We will work on your purpose, what you naturally obsess over, do some creative doodling or brain dumping as I call it, brainstorm, work on your colour, tap into your state & emotions, develop mood boards, brain storm your business so much more. I have offered the courses in 3 memberships, gold, silver, & bronze, all with different investment prices to suit you. In each membership you will receive all course details, & if you choose a higher membership there will be more 1:1 work with me.  You can see them all here. In the mean time you can still grab my FREE pdf book on finding your creative style over in my facebook group, which I would LOVE you to join, or you can have it delivered to your inbox. I would love you to join me xx  

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