Fathers Day DIY gifts from the kids

Father's Day is sneaking up here in Australia (Sept 6th) & there is nothing more sentimental than the gifts from the kids. Even more so when they have created it themselves. A little bit of DIY loveliness will make Dad, or Grandad smile from eat to ear, not to mention the bear hugs & kisses the kids will receive. I know my kids get just as much out of the receiving of of love from their Dad, as much as the giving. I have hunted around found 10 fantastic Father's Day DIY gift ideas from the kids for you to have a look at. Hopefully there will be some that really grab your attention.

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fathers day DIY crafts

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I think any of these gifts would be perfect along side something amazing. A hand made gift is truly amazing. If you're looking for something unique & personalised to go with it, please jump over ehre to see what my shop has to offer.

You still have plenty of time to order.

Happy creating x

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