Do you doodle?

Doodling like it or not is such a brilliant way to act as a creative brain dump. A way to download the brain gently without pressure. It's so much nicer that dumping thoughts as written bullet points, & to be honest, for me it's more important that that, it's a creative way to meditate. I struggle to sit there in silence for five minutes & relax. I have tried. I don't know about you, but my mind just wont stop. A thought here, a thought there. When I doodle, without realising it my mind shifts off while it takes in the lines or curves that I am drawing. It's nice to be in control gently of what's happening intuitively in front of you. Your mood can speak a thousand words when doodling, & is also a wonderful way for you to develop your own creative style. doodling How I doodle; ** If I am feeling cranky when I start, I keep going until the mood shifts. **I rarely use a grey lead pencil, I prefer to go straight to black tip pens. it's all about seeing what happens, I don't care if I make a mistake, it's only me no one is judging. I actually try to hide it if I do with a thicker line haha, as I actually don't enjoy making a mistake. **I usually make sure I do it when I need time out. No phones. No iPads. No screens. When I am in the zone I can even block out the noise from the kids. **I don't doodle at any particular time of day, however late night works well for me. It's a nice way to end my day. **Doodling is a peaceful type of therapy for me. It's also a way to keep my hand moving for further illustrations I want to sketch. I have noticed in the past if I haven't drawn for a week or two due to other commitments, I get all stiff. While drawing it's also a great way for me to creatively brainstorm new ideas for my business. I find I think of my best ideas during this time, which does cause me to ave to quickly stop doodling & jot that thought down before it goes. Doodling is a creative process that is so healthy for anyone wanting to develop their creative business, or who need a way to find some quiet time to themselves. Buy yourself a blank exercise book, that allows ink pens to be used without bleeding or marking the next page. Find 5 minutes each day & see how you feel. Take notice of you mood if you relax, & remove the negative odds & bobs from the day. See how you feel. Start you're doodle journey & have fun. Don't forget to join me in the creative style free facebook group page to join other creatives, on a journey to find our own style. Print

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