Did you know I was once a men's wear designer?

Can I tell you something.......A long time ago I managed to land what I thought at the time was an awesome design job. It was a menswear position as a designer/product assistant with Jeans West. When I went for the position though, I was unaware it was for a mens wear role, but I took the challenge on board, accepted it, & I got the job. I started the job, loved the atmosphere, the people were great, the mentors there were fabulous & I learnt a lot, but my heart wasn't in it. I didn't enjoy working with the product, I was always more interested in women's wear & accessories. Eventually I left. After my 3 month review wasn't glowing, I think they also knew my heart wasn't in it. Oh well thats life, I am sure another designer filled my position & did a way better job than me. Even though the role was brilliant, & was with a fast growing retail company, I didn't think there was any point staying & doing something I didn't like. I look back at what I think was quite a flippant attitude, but when we are 20 something we kind of know everything don't we? From that day on I thought I'd never design for men again, & I didn't for a long time. But here I am, now yearly putting together a super small collection of keepsakes, decor & accessories, that are specifically from the kids. When I decided Father's Day was to be part of my business each year, it suddenly didn't feel as challenging. For two reasons, one that it's not clothing, & two my business is completely devoted to personalisation & kids. Now having kids myself, it's much easier to step into this area with the experience of a mother, & the assumptions of what kids want to give their dad's. My main attribute to this area thought its must be memorable, useful & modern. I am now working on my 2015 Father's Day collection, & each year I have to will myself to get into the right head space for it. It's generally very graphic, & geometric looking which is not my natural style. Pairing back my colours, taking away super brights & little design add on's like florals, hearts, stars etc, to fill in spaces isn't something I do here. It's a simple form of design, & sometimes I think, simple can be hardest. This year I have jumped into the very neutral colours, blacks, grey, natural burlap, with minimal pops of colour like red & aqua blue. Below is a taste of what is coming & what should be all released over the next 24 hours, I am working on it as well as writing this blog post. I have created all of my samples & photographed them, now it comes down to the tedious job of cleaning up the images & loading them all up in my shop. However my heat packs are already loaded in the shop now. Won't be long, stay tuned x fathers day  

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