Decor Styling Inspiration #10

A gorgeous nursery for you this week.
This special room is the nursery of a sweet little boy called Parker.

I just love how bright & light it is. All of the natural light is making everything so feel so fresh & new. Bright white & light timber furniture makes everything look so crisp, & even though it really is quite neutral, the pops of turquoise make it absolutely stunning.

gorgeous boys decor styling for their bedroom

I feel really lucky sharing Parker's nursery, as there are 2 of our products here.
Against the window is our personalised headdress print attached to a cool clipboard.
On the floor is our alphabet storage sack sitting with the most gorgeous lion I have seen.

There are so many beautiful pieces here that you can check out on my original Instagram post here. Head over there & tap, & you will be able to discover them all.

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