Creativity is the heart of my life

creative style Creativity is the heart of my life. There is nothing better than being inspired by the most simplest object, image, experience, song or smell. Creativity to me is an essential part of my life, if I didn't create anything I am sure I would be one hell of a dull person. I hear so many people say.... "Oh but I am not creative" "You were born with it, I wasn't" "Me? I have no flair" "I have as much creativity as my little finger" I want to bring to your attention you all do. All of us are creative in our very own way, yet we fail to see it. Some of our daily actions scream creativity & yet it doesn't always have to include pens, paints, canvases or metal for example. Creativity for me is drawing & designing products. For others it may be organising their home. Getting creative with their storage, labelling objects & files, the way their wardrobe is organised.I absolutely admire these people, I can get in a mess really quickly. Although I get it tidy & eventually organised, I am definitely not a natural at it. Then there are the foodies. Need I say more. Recipes to die for is creativity to it's highest sensory. Food presentation is magical the way it can look. I have seen food stacks I would never thing of in a million years, that almost look too good to eat. The creative drizzle of condiments I know have been constructed in a certain way to look effortless. Mmmmm creative & delicious. Words. Others have a wonderful way of expressing themselves with words. Their articles, stories, blog posts can definitely move a reader. A creative use of words that are delivered beautifully to make us laugh, cry, inspire & promote curiosity. Thats to me is an amazing creative talent. Photographers see the world in ways my eyes don't bend, is the only way to describe that. An image can speak a thousand words whether you use you iphone or SLR. Bloggers like Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim have proven the creative eyes of individuals with her well known photo a day challenge. Some of the images I have seen blow me away, & most are from people like you & me. Home decor. You don't need to be a qualified stylist to make your interiors look effortlessly finished. A throw cushion here & there, a rug, print placements, baskets, a couch, even the kitchen sink can look incredible. A lot of us have a knack to make their home look incredible, & most don't even realise. DIYers.....Raise your glass to yourself if you have a knack of making something old look brand spanking new again. So many of us can look at something that needs a clean up or a vintage piece of clothing & recreate that old piece to look amazing again. You have a special vision. I have to openly admit I am not any good at this, I am too lazy & impatient. I give you the challenge of sitting back & thinking about what or how you fit in to one of these categories. We all fit in somewhere it's just a matter of having a really good think about it, as we are all amazing & unique in our own way. Let me know which one is you.   find your creative style

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