Colour inspiration - Summer

I love the colours of summer, so bright, fresh, & intense. One of my favourite colour reference sights I have been using for years is colour lovers. I use it all the time when I am in ned of colour inspiration. Sometimes I find combinations I would not normally pick myself. It really is a great design reference tool. I picked 3 palettes from there today & coloured up an image I drew in each of them. Each one looks so different. I love this one, so bright & colours that I would normally select to put together. There is something so beautiful about shades of turquoise & raspberry together that I love. colour inspiration The next colours I have also used before. I love how the purples & turquoise sit beautifully together, to me they have such a calming effect. colour inspiration The last are really earthy colours & not colours I would normally use. However I was drawn to them today I think as I have just spent a wonderful 4 days down at the beach. The sand, rock pools & algae were definitely colours of inspiration for me. colour inspiration The great thing about working with colour it can really define your style & create a different mood & complete look. This same very simple drawingall look quite different in each of the colour palettes. If you love talking about colour, design, branding & keen to work on your own creative style, don't forget to join my Facebook group. creative style    

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