Being self employed can be a little bit unconventional

I can't believe I have been self employed for just under 6.5 years!! I started this journey really slowly when Hudson was born in 2008, primarily so I could stay creative & not loose my mojo so to speak. It was great, I'd draw & make things for craft markets, earn some money which was great I was having fun & met so many other like minded women. Working in nap times was how I did it, & at night when everyone was asleep. It's probably been the last 4 years I have been most serious, & the last 2 years my most serious of all. This year the seriousness is on steroids haha, the kids are off my hands more & I can create & work longer hours. Working for myself can be a lot of hard work & sacrifice. Sometimes I think life would be easier if I was employed, a regular guaranteed income, but I have been there & done that, & today that choice just isn't for me. One thing I have learnt is that there is no magical solution on how things work. Everyone is different, their juggling experiences are also, it's impossible to assume what works for me, would work for someone else. I have read so many books, all of which I have been able to take something from them, it's been a wonderful journey of self education. An education where I have learnt lessons & adapted them into my own world, my own lifestyle, & rules which work for me & my own family. But at the end of the day being self employed is about doing it my way, creating a lifestyle that is really fulfilling. Fulfilment is just as important to me as the good ol' mighty dollar if I am not enjoying what I am creating, doing, or writing then I simply can not be bothered. What I earn is always the icing on the cake, & lets be honest why we work. Sometimes I sit back & reflect on what I have achieved. It has only dawned on me the last few months is that I really have created a working lifestyle for me. I work when I want to, it's always around the kids, & I have the option to pull back when I need too, & the opportunity I pick up the pace when I am quiet, as I am forced to hustle a little to bring in that income. My routines & structures are not like anybodies, I just do them my way. The more I think about it, the more I love the way I work each day, it is quite unconventional to some, but I really wouldn't have it any other way. It's an area I feel really intrigued & passionate about, I could talk about for hours & hours. My only whine would be some days when I am on a roll I'd love to carry on without interruption, but as a responsible parent I have to collect my kids from school & kinder haha! Let me know if you're on a mission to living your own unconventional lifestyle. entrepreneur  

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