Being in an artistic rut

I have been in a bit of an artistic rut lately, a couple of things I can't discuss yet as I am not ready, but the repercussions of that have been feeling stuck, unsure of what to create & feeling blank. Another area that has been causing my artistic rut as been all of the admin work I do in my business. Illustrating like I do is not all fancy pants art all day, lately I would say it's 90% administrative, & 10% art. A percentage I would like to change, desperately. Another shackle that holds me to this is the back end SEO work that's very important. I have been trying to learn like a good student how to be great at it, but man oh man have I given up. It's definitely has found that too hard basket. I have finally found someone who I is going to do this for me so I can start getting back to what I am good at. Illustration & art. It's also my passion. Lately my heart has been aching with the new things I want to try. Some paint work, mastering watercolours, marbling, DIY lists to start (bad pinterest), new product ideas & oh the list goes on. So taking that responsibility out of the equation has truly freed me up hopefully. I have been feeling blank with my blog also (damn it), so I googled "interesting things for artists to blog about", & found these 2 fabulous resources here & here. Feeling like I had hit a brick wall, & it was really bothering me. The more I thought about it, & tried to 'fix' it, the worse it became & ultimately I felt worse. I can't say they were earth shattering suggestions, or did they open up an a whole new world or anything, but it definitely showed a very VERY big lesson. It reiterated one obvious issue for me, actually you can say solving it. With all of the back end work I have been trying to master, my website included, I am not creating very much art at the moment. It made me feel quite sad to be honest. At the end of the day my business relies on it. My customers rely on it. I rely on it, for my heart & happiness, without it I am just not me. They always say there is always a positive side to every negativity. I found positive in the early hours this morning, & to be blatantly honest I couldn't be happier. My lesson today, in my own words, "LET GO OF WHY IT WASN'T HAPPENING, & EMBRACE YOUR NEW LESSONS & LOVE IT". artistic rut There were two suggestions in the list, ones I have read before, go out, look around, & take some inspiring photos, look at life & see what comes of it all. That was on my agenda today, so I did. I was out with my kids, best friend, & her daughter for them to do a craft session in South Melbourne market. The theme was jungle, & they were making masks, it went for two whole hours. HEAVEN Alone time meant wandering, chatting & enjoying coffee. There were some great local artists & designers so it was great to see what was happening out there from a design perspective. I haven't done this for a while, as life bogs me down. But with this renewed energy & some new amazing photographs I have taken I am excited to get out of this artistic rut & create some new & exiting art. It has definitely lifted me & is something I will force myself to do monthly whether it be alone or with Charlotte (gulp) in tow. If you have been in a rut of any description, what was your secret to breaking out of it?  

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