A creative truth

My passion is creativity. I have said it before & I will always continue to say it. My passion is creativity. I wanted to write a post today about my creative truth. My truth about working a creative business at home. My truth about how it looks from the outside. My truth about how it looks from the inside. My truth about the glory. CREATIVE BUSINESS I have always had a creative urge, I love beautiful things & I love creating things for kids. It's my strength. I love pattern, colour & details. I love to draw animals & flowers. Making repeat patterns is heaven for me, & it feels like time stands still when I am making them. Working a creative business from home is not only a dream I work on daily, but it takes a whole load of discipline. It's not all art, colours & deciding what I will draw today. Discipline that I have somedays, & somedays I don't. My goals is to build this up so I am more focused on what I do EVERYDAY. As I have had both kids home, I feel like I have to build my focus muscle again. I was always so used to working in small chunks of time, but now I have hours per days to finally do this. Working from home can be a little distracting. As a mother there is always something to do. Washing. Cooking. Planning. School drop offs & pick ups. Being a taxi service. I try to now do as many chores as possible now before school, & just before I start dinner each night. A little bit each days works out well for me. Creative business can also be somewhat misleading from the outside looking in. From the outside, as in my social media world, it shows art, creativity, glimpses of my day, & products I am currently working on. I mean hell, it all looks incredible.  I love it when I see friends & they comment, wow all your work on facebook or instagram look gorgeous at the moment, you must be so busy? Truth be told sometimes I am sometimes I am not. When something is selling well it's awesome. I literally grab on to it & run. But I also have days when things are really slow here, you could hear crickets, regardless of what it may look like from a social media perspective. Social media is it's own entity in which I am yet to master 100%. There are a LOT of creative women out there doing a brilliant job, & I commend them. It keeps me on my toes, & constantly developing my work is a daily task. CREATIVE BUSINESS Owning a creative business has it's ebbs & flows. I have much busier months than others. When it's quiet thats when I work away on new work, take photos, research, & prep all my blog posts & social media for the following week. To be very honest, this job alone takes up most of my time. Today I wanted to give a really honest view of my creative world. It's wonderful & I feel very grateful for it, but I also felt it is my duty to be honest that it's not always sunshine & sparkles. Although that does sound lovely!! I really do encourage any body thinking about owning a creative business, it's such a rewarding experience. Whether it's something you've dreamt of, a side job at the moment, something only worked on part time, or a full time job, it's all about finding your own style & sharing it with the world. You absolutely have nothing to lose, & everything to gain. Have a great weekend, Kylie xo  

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