5 Sunday morning savoury breakfasts

Sunday mornings are usually a little more relaxed in my household than the other 6 mornings of the week. If we are not up early as a family for a day trip out, we are usually eating when our tummies call on us, or I like to cook up a big healthy savoury breakfast to carry us through most of the day. If I get to do this, there is less chance of me having to create big lunches for everyone :) I like a savoury breakfast as opposed to s sweet one like pancakes of waffles. My only reason is they are delicious going down, but I always end up feeling really bloated & a little nauseous. Too sweet in the morning just doesn't sit well with me. I love eggs, I have them at least 3 - 4 times a weeks, & I love my breakie, so I jumped on to pinterest to round up some rather gourmet looking breakfasts. savoury breakfast  

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I absolutely love the look of each one of these, what do you think? Which one is calling your name? Mmmmmm enjoy your breakie. Kylie x

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