5 reasons why I make my products locally....

Occasionally I am queried why are my products more expensive than X Y Z, I have been wanting to address this for a while & thought today was a good opportunity. I have noticed it more since the mass brands & chain stores are successfully relaunching their home decor & wears, & designing it really well, they are modern, colours are on trend & it looks great. Congrats to them. The point I have is that they are selling really cool decor for next to nothing. There is no way in the world I can compete here. I cant, & I never will. I also understand everyone has a different budget too, I am no different to that, & that's OK. Everything I design, print & produced is done so locally, here in Melbourne. I have chosen not to manufacture overseas, for the following 5 reasons. 1. As my products are personalised, that is not going to work with their manufacturing production runs.....ever 2. I am a bit of a control freak. having dealt with China for many years while working in the fashion industry, it was a highly frustrating process at times to achieve the correct colours, design & size requirements. I like to be 100% involved. 3. Quality....Although I am not knocking imported goods, but producing & buying locally allows me to be sure the quality I am paying for is what I will receive. 4. I love the fact that if a customer wants a red car instead of blue I can change that for them. If a customer wants a different font or a special message I can do that to. Easy. Done. 5 I do not have to worry about shipment delays, customs, international holidays (ie Chinese new year) or anything else. Deciding to product locally does come at a cost at times, I am paying for goods valued at Australian living standards. I pay more for printing, fabric, machining & I also have to pay myself by the hour also. I don't believe in the starving artists or working for free, as I am sure no one else would do that. So yes at times my work may be that few dollars more, but I also know each pieces is created exactly as you want it, I know they colours are great, it's colour fast & it's been sewn well & my turn around times are pretty great. The most important reason why I love to make locally as I love that I can customise anything you like, from colours, fonts, family photos special messages & my favourite birth details. I am absolutely positive & I know for fact there are gorgeous brands that manufacture overseas, & they do a superb job. These are my own thoughts & an explanation of why things cost what they do. My printing process takes   time also, but I have a whole other post for you to read about that. K x products  

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