5 places I find inspiration

Inspiration where do you find it? I truly believe you can find it everywhere. I love talking about inspiration, I could seriously go on about it all day! What’s really important is what you do with it afterwards, & what’s even more important you don’t let yourself feel paralysed about it. creative inspiration HERE ARE 5 PLACES I FIND INSPIRATION 1)Pinterest – I have a whole collection of boards that consists from kids bedroom décor, illustration, hand lettering, colours, words that inspire me, DIY crafts, mood boards, & more! Do you have a pinterest account? It’s a beautiful way to catalogue your creative thoughts publicly of secretly. You may find inspiration on my boards - https://www.pinterest.com/KylieLoyDesign/
2) Window shopping. This is the old fashion buyer in me. When I was at work & I felt stumped I would hit the stores. Looking in the windows of shops was a great was to freshen my mind & I always got something out of it. It was more about the themes of the layouts that inspired me, not always the product, but I loved the colours used, the confetti, light bulbs, the artwork hung, or the casually layed journals & stationary. Peter Alexander is brilliant for this, so it Kikki K. Next time you are out, take a goo looked. 3) Books. I buy lots of inspiration art books all the time. Books I read to inspire my & my work, I love these 2 especially – Steal like an artistshttp://austinkleon.com/steal/ & Show your work -http://austinkleon.com/show-your-work/ When I am feeling stuck & feel I just need that push. I re read certain chapters all the time. 4) Instagram. Get inspiration from those you admire, find other artists that are in a similar field to you. 5) Get away from the screens. I find getting outside for a walk with my dog, reading a magazine, playing a board game with the kids, watching a movie, even some housework can refresh my mind. Taking your focus away can be brilliant for thoughts & unexpected ideas to just pop inside. OK so that’s me your turn!!! Where do you find inspiration? find your creative style

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